The Weekly Web Edit – 8.13.16

This week was the busiest (and most productive) I’ve had all summer. Continue reading

life update | I’m moving to California!

At the beginning of the summer, I quit my job and moved back home, with no real plan or idea of what the next chapter of my life would entail. Over the last few months I’ve often questioned if I made the right decision, if things really would work out, and now I can confidently say “yes!”. Continue reading

The Weekly Web Edit 7.31.16

weekly web edit

I still can’t get over the fact that Luke got sent home on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette. But otherwise, this week has been nothing short of incredible.  Continue reading

The 5 Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To

podcastOver the last few months I have completely fallen in love with podcasts. Continue reading

The Weekly Web Edit – 7.23.16

Plans change, things happen unexpectedly, but everything happens for a reason, right? Well that’s certainly been the lesson for this week. Continue reading

menswear inspired | dune london

menswear inspired

Even though it’s been incredibly hot the last few weeks I couldn’t help but begin shopping for my fall wardrobe! Continue reading

The Weekly Web Edit 7.16.16

weekly web edit

Introducing the first-ever Weekly Web Edit here on Styled by Skylar! The Weekly Web Edit features all of my favorite things from the internet over the last week, from helpful tips and tricks, to advice and inspiring stories, to new recipes I’m trying, to my latest online shopping find. Continue reading

smorgasburg | brooklyn, new york

Smorgasburg | Brooklyn

Do you like food? Do you like posting pictures of said food to Instagram (especially beautifully crafted food that pretty much looks like art)?  Do you struggle with having to choose just one cuisine to eat when the time comes? Then you will love Smorgasburg. Continue reading

DIY Choker Tutorial

DIY choker tutorial

From the Real Housewives to your favorite celebs, it seems that chokers are everywhere. And I have to admit that I’m completely obsessed and am wearing them just about every day. Continue reading

Friday Favorites | cheeky graphic tees


There’s something about these cheeky graphic tees that I just can’t get enough of lately. Continue reading