crEATe project

When I moved to San Francisco in August of 2016, I only knew one person. I found myself turning to the people (fellow Instagrammers and bloggers) who inspired me, whose content resonated with me, asking them to meet up for coffee or brunch. Thanks to Instagram, I have been able to connect with, and more importantly, become friends with, some of the most incredible, talented, and supportive people I know, both near and far.

I was making brunch for one of those incredible people when I realized that this is what was missing from the Instagram world. We had just finished filming this epic video and were discussing content strategy and analytics over sweet potato toast in my kitchen. It meant so much to me to be able to share both my creative work and my passion for food with this person, not just my curated instagram feed, and have real, meaningful conversations, rather than just receiving likes and comments on a photo.

It sounds corny, but the magic of Instagram friendships can’t happen until you get off your phone. And while there’s no wrong or right way to do so, however it happens, it’s not easy. There’s no dedicated space, time, or event in which to do just that. And rarely, if ever, do you get to interact with and meet different types of creatives all at once, or at the same type of event.

That’s where the crEATe project comes in.

When I realized that this was something I wanted to do, I posted on my Instagram stories asking if creatives in SF would be interested in getting together once a month. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and best of all, Jess offered to help me bring this idea to life.

Jess is one of those people I asked to meetup when I moved to the city. We first bonded over our mutual love for Nico Tortorella via Instagram DMs, and over the last few months (and through several brunch dates and workouts) she’s become one of my best friends. Again, thanks to Instagram. Jess is a kindred spirit and I’m so grateful to have found someone who’s just as passionate about creating community. Our friendship is the type we want to help foster through crEATe.

So what exactly does a crEATe event look like?

On the second Sunday of every month, we’re providing the space, the time, and the food, to help you make real-life connections with local bloggers, photographers, designers, influencers, brands and more and fostering a true community of creatives. We want to give you the chance to actually meet and connect with new people each month and share more than just what’s on your feed. Through crEATe we hope to provide you with a group of like-minded individuals that will support you and whom you can both learn from and work with.

Jess and I come up with new ideas just about every day but we’ve got everything from guest hosts, to DIY workshops, to brand collaborations and even a Friendsgiving celebration planned.

We’d love to have you join us so make sure you’re on our email list to be the first to know about our upcoming events!

Want to get involved or collaborate with the crEATe project, just want to say hi, or have a question? Send us an email @ We’re excited to get to know you!

We hope you’ll join us at our inaugural brunch on Sunday June 11th! Get more details and RSVP here. And be sure to follow us on Instagram @crEATeprojectsf.




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