The Weekly Web Edit No. 9

styled by skylar

Here’s everything on the internet you need to watch, read, shop, listen to, and more this week:








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  • Skylar – this is my first time on your blog (from insta!) & it certainly won’t be the last! I am loving your rad content and this curated list of things to check out. Seriously the perfect way to find weekend reads – kinda like my own personal version of The Skimm 😉 I was just reading about Louise Delagne and found it so fascinating (esp since my account is probably 80% with an alcoholic beverage of some sorts!) – it’s also a reminder that not everything on Insta is what it seems, especially as it can bring out the pesky “comparison game”. Can’t wait to see your next weekly list & I think I want to make every single recipe here you posted!! See ya on the ‘gram 😉 xx Shannon

    • Skylar Allen

      Thanks so much Shannon! Happy to hear that you’re a fan of this list (and The Skimm!).I have a lot of fun putting this list together each week and it’s great to know that it’s appreciated.

      xo, Skylar

  • Anna Wu

    This is a great idea for a recurring post! Just wondering… do you just gather links throughout the week? How long does this take you to put together? And do you have stats on what people actually click on? #somanyquestions

    • Skylar Allen

      Thanks Anna! #somanyanswers coming your way: I gather links throughout the week from different newsletters I subscribe to, websites I frequent and things I see on social media. I keep a running list of the week’s links so when it comes time to put the post together it doesn’t take me as long to do. When I actually sit down to publish it, maybe it takes about 30 minutes? And yes, I have the stats on what people click on and it varies from week to week which sections are most popular!

      xo, Skylar

  • Kayla F

    Ah! I won’t comment on which videos I watch (#embarrassing) but this is such a fun list! I’ve written a couple of sources down for me to go back to for reading and making! What a fun and interesting collection of links! 😀

    • Skylar Allen

      Yay! So glad you found this entertaining and helpful.

      xo, Skylar

  • David Zhang

    Cool stuff! I’ll definitely be checking out some of these links. Perhaps while I’m pooping at parties.

    • Skylar Allen

      Ha! Great idea. The recipe section is my personal favorite 🙂

      xo, Skylar